Harnessing the power of video content

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Have you noticed the surge in video content on your screens in recent years?

Look at any social media platform and you’ll see world-famous brands, small businesses and popular influencers all competing for your attention through creative video content. Video has become one of the most important marketing forms there is – but why?

The use of video content, especially in marketing, has been on the rise for some time now. It’s been a tool for brands and businesses looking for new ways to build their relationships with their audiences – and when it’s targeted right, it can achieve incredible results!
Here are just a few reasons why video content is leading the way as the go-to tool for not only marketers, but for anyone wanting to capture an audience:

  • – It can reach new audiences
  • – It’s a more effective opportunity to tell a story
  • – It offers a return of investment that’s hard to beat
  • – It builds a personal relationship that other marketing techniques lack
  • – It’s naturally more persuasive and memorable

So, what makes for good practice when creating video content? We’ve put together a list of the things you should consider if you’re planning on producing video for your social media channels:

Know the value of video, and when to consider something else

Video can be a great way of condensing a lot of information in a short amount of time, but it’s not always the best way of getting your message out there. Before you consider video, ask yourself whether the information you want to share has strong visual elements. Video is not always the answer!

Don’t freestyle, make a plan!

Video is now everywhere. The emergence of high-quality cameras on phones means anyone can make videos quickly, easily and for little to no cost, but that doesn’t mean you should feel content in putting out slapdash content!

Businesses, brands, and people who care about their reputation will take time to prepare well-executed videos. It’s worth storyboarding and understanding how you want your video to look, the message you want to get across and the overall outcome of what you want to achieve.

Equipment matters

While it’s easy enough to whip out your phone and create a video, it’s not the only piece of kit you should rely on. Good quality video has key elements that you shouldn’t skimp on:

  • • Lighting: Invest in an external lighting source – it will make all the difference.
  • • Microphone: Your audience will never forgive you for bad audio.
  • • Tripod/Steadicam: Shaky images are an instant turn-off. A tripod or Steadicam are critical to your toolkit.

Measuring how video performs is essential to creating impactful content

There is now an abundance of data analytics tools that allow you to see how well your video is performing. For instance, YouTube has an analytics function which gives a full breakdown of your channel performance and what videos have a long shelf life.

It’s not always clear what the secret sauce of well-performing video that gets millions of hits is; but analysing data on clicks and shares will give you an idea of what your audience prefer to watch.

The takeaway? Video should be part of everyone’s content strategy, whether you’re a bigtime brand launching a campaign, a business promoting a new product, or a group wanting to share a message – but it’s important to remember good video takes thought and preparation. Don’t rush it.
Do your research and make sure you always have your goal in mind.

Got a project or initiative you think could be brought to life through video? Let’s talk!

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