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It’s been a while since we’ve last rounded up some of the creative work that has caught our eye, and with so many notable occasions, awareness campaigns, celebrations and events taking place over the recent weeks, there has certainly been an abundance of it!

So, here’s our Fave Five.

1. Butterkist jumps on the ‘Wagatha Christie’ bandwagon.

It’s the trial that has gripped the nation, and it seemed popcorn company Butterkist wanted to have their say.

Taking to Twitter in May, Butterkist got the popcorn out for the ‘Wagatha Christie’ case as the brand shared a sketch of a barrister and jury digging into bags of its toffee popcorn, while overlooking the drama between footballers’ wives, Colleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy.

Accompanying the comical image, the brand wrote: “Here for #WagathaChristie #GoGrabTheButterkist.”

Safe to say, the tweet went viral, racking up thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, and we respect the use of opportunity!

Check out the sketch here.

2. Burger King’s Pride Whopper.

Now, we’re a bit unsure how we feel about this one, but we’ve decided if it’s been successful in keeping a front seat in our memories since its launch, then it’s probably worth a mention as a successful piece of creative work!

We’re all used to brands going over the top with their Pride campaigns, with the lines for showing support for the LGBTQ+ community and using the event as a profitable opportunity often becoming blurred, and this ad and product launch by Burger King in Austria is the perfect example.

In an image posted to Instagram in June, the globally renowned fast-food chain lifted the veil on its ‘Pride Whopper’, launched exclusively to celebrate Pride Month. The burger is essentially the same as their standard beef burger, except Burger King has attempted to put its own spin on it by adding ‘two equal buns’, as a nod to the awareness month.

Essentially, the Pride Whopper comes with two tops or two bottoms. As you can imagine, the reaction across social media has been of a widescale, with a complete mix of opinions and we can understand why! It’s definitely a brave move.

Don’t believe a world-famous fast-food chain would actually do something like this? See for yourself here.

3. Apple goes old-school and brings Harry Styles along for the nostalgic ride.

Call us biased, but an ad featuring Harry Styles and his music couldn’t pass us by.

Apple recently launched its latest ad campaign, and it didn’t take long for people to recognise where the brand got its inspiration from. Back in 2003 Apple released its, arguably most notable, ad ‘Silhouettes’. The ad was released at a time when Apple and the iPod sat at the heart of cultural consciousness, featuring black silhouettes of people dancing against brightly coloured backdrops and a contrasting white outline of an iPod attached to wired earphones. You remember it, right?

This time, the iconic colour-block imagery has evolved with the silhouettes in the new ad as brightly cast as their backdrops, and instead of iPods, dancers are sporting AirPods.

But our favourite part of the nostalgia-inducing ad has to be Harry Styles dancing and singing in technicolour, with ‘Music for a Sushi Restaurant’ from his latest album serving as the soundtrack. We can’t get it out of our heads!

Check it out here.

4. The Feelings animation shines light on frontline workers.

The Feelings film, released as part of Mental Health Awareness Month, was created to promote the work of the Laura Hyde Foundation, a charity which aims to ensure frontline workers have access to mental health support. The animated musical film brings to life a series of characters, including ‘Power Less’, ‘Rising Dread’, and ‘Dead Numb’, that each communicate the serious difficulties that emergency workers face, and how this can affect them if they don’t seek support.

Through song, the animation reveals shocking statistics about the increasing impact of mental health issues, particularly for frontline workers who, even prior to the pandemic, were a high-risk group for mental health struggles such as depression and PTSD. 

You can watch the impactful animation on YouTube here.

5. Little Rick’s bold brand relaunch.

London-based CBD drinks brand, Little Rick, unveiled its new brand identity in May with a series of out-of-home executions, with one in particular catching the attention of social media users. The ad, running in multiple sites in London’s Shoreditch, features the line “SHOREDITCH IS FULL OF LITTLE RICKS”, with an image of a can of Little Rick strategically placed for comic effect. 

The daring campaign has taken the ad world by storm, particularly for its transparent approach to CBD advertising. Other posters launched as part of the relaunch feature bold, capitalised statements revealing how Little Rick can help you relax and be yourself, including “DRINK A RICK AND ROLL WITH IT”, “CALM DOWN”, “CHILL OUT” and “ENJOY CHILLED”.

While most CBD product brands position themselves as health or wellness products, Little Rick chose to buck the trend and instead focus on the drink’s relaxing and stress-relieving properties in a mission to expand the human mind, and it’s certainly been effective in grabbing attention!

Check it out here.

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