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Project Overview

This question aims to understand the fundamental function of the website. For example, "The website will primarily function as an online store for our organic skincare products."
Identify key individuals and their responsibilities in the project, like "John Smith - Marketing Director, responsible for overseeing website content strategy."
Mention any critical timelines or events that might affect the project, such as "We need the website live before our annual trade show on October 15th."
Clarify if there are established brand elements to adhere to, for instance, "We have a set of brand guidelines that include our logo, colour palette, and typography standards."
Discuss your preferred approach to managing the project, like "We favour an Agile methodology, with flexibility for iterative changes and frequent updates."

Goals and Objectives

Define concrete objectives for the website, like "Our goal is to increase online product sales by 20% within the first year of the website launch."
Describe the metrics for evaluating success, such as "We'll measure success by tracking the increase in website traffic and the conversion rate of product pages."
Identify the main indicators that are crucial for your business, for example, "Key indicators will be customer engagement metrics, such as time spent on site and newsletter sign-up rates."
Discuss immediate and future aspirations, like "Short-term, we aim to establish brand awareness; long-term, our goal is to become a leading informational resource in our industry."

Target Audience and Market

Create a clear picture of your ideal customer, such as "Our target audience is women aged 30-45, interested in eco-friendly beauty products, primarily engaging through mobile devices."
Specify desired user actions, like "We want visitors to sign up for our newsletter, make a purchase, or contact us for a consultation."
Describe current brand perception and desired changes, for example, "Our brand is currently seen as affordable and casual; we want to shift towards a more premium and professional image."
Identify specific segments you aim to attract, such as "We are targeting small business owners and freelance professionals for our software services."

Phases and Milestones

Outline your expected timeline and major project stages. For instance, "We anticipate a three-month project duration, starting with a design phase, followed by development, and concluding with testing and launch."
Mention important dates that might impact the project. For example, "Our critical milestone is the product launch event scheduled for August 20th, which the website needs to support."
Express your preferred communication style and frequency, such as "We would like bi-weekly video meetings for updates and a weekly email summary of progress."


Mention any features you wish to exclude, like "We do not need a blog section as we handle content through our social media channels."
Clarify content needs, for example, "We will provide all the text content, but need help with graphics and video production."
Detail any unnecessary integrations or services, such as "We won't need integration with a CRM system as we have an in-house solution."

Deadlines and Timescales

Discuss your preferred timeline for project completion, such as "We aim to have the website fully operational within four months from project initiation."
Mention any external dependencies or events that may affect timing, like "Our funding cycle review in July could affect project timelines."
State the level of flexibility with deadlines, for example, "While our preferred launch date is September 1st, we have some flexibility until mid-September."

Content and Site Structure

Specify the content you'll provide and what you need created. For instance, "We'll provide all the text and some images but need help with creating videos and infographics."
Discuss any needs related to content management, like "We need a user-friendly CMS that allows our team to update content regularly without technical assistance."

Design Requirements

Detail your design preferences, such as "We prefer a modern, minimalist design with a focus on large images and a neutral color palette."
Provide examples of website designs you like and explain why, like "We like the layout of [example.com] because of its navigation ease and clean aesthetic."
Clarify the availability of design materials, for example, "We will provide our logo and brand color guidelines, but need additional graphic design services."
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Technical Requirements

Describe your current technical environment, like "We are currently using WordPress with a variety of plugins and a custom theme developed in-house."
Mention any preferred or necessary technologies, for instance, "We would like the new site to be built on Shopify due to our e-commerce focus."
State any specific performance benchmarks, such as "We aim for a page load time under 2 seconds on both desktop and mobile devices."

SEO and Marketing

Discuss your existing SEO approach and desired improvements, like "Currently, we focus on organic search with basic keyword optimization but want to enhance our SEO to include local search strategies."
Identify key SEO targets, for example, "We are targeting keywords related to sustainable living and eco-friendly products."
Explain how the website fits into your broader marketing plans, such as "The website will be a central component of our inbound marketing strategy, integrating with our social media and email campaigns."

Maintenance and Support

Detail your needs for post-launch support, like "We anticipate needing monthly maintenance support for security updates and bug fixes."
Clarify the internal capabilities, such as "We have an in-house team for content updates but need external help for technical maintenance."
Discuss any training requirements, for example, "We would need training sessions for our staff on using the new CMS for content updates."

Legal and Compliance

Identify any legal standards or compliance issues that must be addressed, such as "Our website must be GDPR compliant due to our significant customer base in Europe, and also adhere to ADA accessibility standards."
State any confidentiality agreements or data protection measures needed, like "Confidentiality is crucial due to the sensitive nature of the customer data we handle. All project details and data must remain confidential."

Approval and Sign-off Process

Identify the person or committee responsible for final approvals, for example, "The final sign-off will be done by our CEO, after approval from our marketing and IT departments."
Mention any stages that need formal sign-offs, like "Design mockups, major development milestones, and the final launch will all require formal approval from our side."