Wave your flags! Liverpool Pride came, saw and conquered.

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This past weekend, we celebrated the return of Liverpool Pride, together with Everton, MSB, Open Media and DWF. The annual event has been hugely missed over the past two years due to the pandemic, so this year’s theme of ‘Come Together’ perfectly represented the need to unite and paint the city in rainbow colours, in honour of our LGBTQ+ community!

The weekend’s festivities saw us bring together team members, family and friends to send the message out that equality is everything, everywhere. We proudly marched through the city’s vibrant, bouncing streets, before gathering at the epicentre of the Pride Quarter to network and discuss solutions to tackle LGBTQ+ hate. The event was a massive success and saw a true celebration of Liverpool’s historic diversity.

During Pride month, we marked the occasion by creating portraits of our team, using a mixture of flash photography, multicoloured gels, and continuous lighting. Our super talented photographer and videographer, Joe, perfectly communicated what Pride means to us as a team: embracing our true colours and celebrating who we are because of our differences, not despite them; loud and most definitely, proud.

If you know us, you’ll know that our commitment to this cause continues all year round. We’ll continue to do what we have always done: spread the message of pride and make everything we do, as inclusive as possible. Pride is, and will always be, at the heart of Agent.

Check out some of our highlights from the day.

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