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From PERi-PERi branded garments to John Lewis’ latest tear-jerker, we’ve rounded up our five favourite campaigns and creative work from the recent months.

Here’s our Fave Five.

1. Nando’s is spicing up wardrobes.

Anyone who frequents Nando’s knows that your flavour of choice defines who you are. Some may proudly wave the Hot PERi-PERi flag, while others are more than happy in the Lemon and Herb camp – though we’re not too sure who is opting for plain-ish?

Now, Nando’s is giving its customers a chance to wear their flavours on their sleeves.

Last month, the cult chicken chain launched its limited-edition line of “Extra Hot” merch. Made up of five unisex items, the drop was created using thermochromic tech, meaning each garment changes colour as the wearer ramps up the heat.

We haven’t quite decided whether this unique launch is a flop, or an iconic drop, but the sold-out banner across the board suggests it was definitely a hit nationwide!

Will you be sporting your favourite spice? Stay tuned for more, here.

2. When IKEA got creative with sleep.

OK, so this might be an oldie, but it’s certainly a goldie for us creatives. We’d almost forgotten about this imaginative campaign from the global furniture and home furnishing brand until a post surfaced on LinkedIn this month.

Using striking print ads, IKEA highlighted the benefits of sleep by comparing it to fad products that promise the same restorative results but rarely deliver, such as vitamin supplements, energy drinks and anti-ageing creams.

The binary visuals were shot on camera using large-scale models to house IKEA bedding – which admittedly, does look dreamy.

Check out the post, here.

3. Learn to sign with Cadbury’s Fingers.

Inclusivity and chocolate: the recipe for a great campaign.

Cadbury Fingers recently launched a new integrated campaign which very effectively showcases the struggles those who are deaf face in everyday life.

The latest chapter of the chocolate brand’s ‘For Fingers Big and Small’ campaign series, ‘Sign with Fingers Big and Small’ encourages people across the nation to learn some British Sign Language (BSL) to help people come together; championing inclusivity and support for those who are deaf.

Created alongside the National Deaf Children’s Society, the latest ad highlights the difference British Sign Language can make in helping deaf BSL users feel included in shared moments.

Cadburys Fingers are made for the moments we all come together, and the ad does a brilliant job of ensuring that nobody is excluded from those everyday interactions and special moments.

4. Monopoly takes ownership for provoking family feuds.

“Play Monopoly” they said. “It will be fun” they said.

We’ve all been there; what started as enjoyable family bonding time rapidly turned into hours of accusations of deceit, tantrums and the inevitable refusal to continue. In fact, research found eight out 10 people fight during a game of Monopoly – so we really have all been there.

In their new campaign, together with their creative agency, Monopoly took the very thing that makes it controversially unique – causing fights – and owned it.

The campaign demonstrates that fighting in the right circumstances, such as a family game of Monopoly, can be a positive thing and can in fact be educational for children when learning how to control their emotions and coping with losing!

Go forward to the link to find out more.

5. John Lewis once again captures the nation’s hearts in new ad.

No, it’s not Christmas just yet, so tell us why we’re already crying over a John Lewis advert?

After cutting ties with its ‘Never Knowingly Undersold’ slogan, John Lewis has launched an emotive ad to introduce its new brand promise, ‘For All Life’s Moments’.

In the short ad, it shows the highs and lows of parenting through moments shared between a father and daughter. The advert shows all the milestone moments that parents go through.

From the first words, steps, mealtimes and even mundane trips to the supermarket, to the final scene which sees the emotional father dropping his daughter off for her first day at school – something many parents across the country have faced this month.

Plus, for the Disney fans, you may recognise the ad’s soundtrack which debuted in Lady & The Tramp back in 1955, sung as a lullaby by Darling to her new-born Jim Jr – our hearts are well and truly warmed.

Watch the full ad, here.

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