From Strategy to Reality: How we achieved Open Media’s rebrand.

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Bringing brands to life in engaging, sustainable, and responsible ways sits at the heart of everything that Open Media does. It’s a principle that permeates the essence of their new brand identity.

As one of the leading and most innovative providers of out of home advertising in the UK, Open Media has enjoyed incredible growth in recent years. Their commitment to their people, place and planet has seen them become the first B Corp certified outdoor media owner in the UK & Europe.

Inspired by Open Media’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve, we presented them with a bold new identity that truly reflects their evolution and vision – one deeply connected to their values, clients, and partners.

Here’s how we did it…

A deep dive

An integral part of the rebrand was a significant piece of strategy work. Our Senior Strategy Consultant, Sean, reflects:

“Open Media has been on an incredibly exciting journey, so our work had to reflect both that sense of accomplishment and also, more importantly, a clear sense of direction and drive.

This included revitalised new brand territory, a new brand architecture, refreshed brand mission, vision, and values.”

Standing out from the crowd

Central to this bold reimagining is a powerful strapline, ‘There’s no place like out of home.’ Open Media envisions becoming the ultimate destination for digital out-of-home, forging meaningful connections with audiences while championing causes for people, planet, and place.

Our Senior Copywriter, Belinda Hanks explains: “This message encapsulates Open Media’s ability to reach new audiences in the right place at the right time, making them the catalyst for transformative brand visibility and impact. It talks directly to the opportunities this dynamic channel maximises for brands.”

A powerful visual identity

At the heart of innovative transformation lies an impactful logo. Creative Lead, Michael Cottage:

“We wanted a powerful visual anchor to spearhead the new brand – a stand-alone mark representing a sign-off of care from the Open Media team.

“The aim was always to create something fluid. We wanted a device whose primary form feels ever-changing, morphing in perspective – something that would serve as a 3D visual portal into out-of-home.”

A gateway to Open Media

Open Media’s new website is more than just a digital facelift, it now stands as a gateway into their values, ambitions, and services. With a seamless and lightning-fast user experience, and a slick, intuitive design language, Open Media now have a site that effortlessly reflects the story of their brand and makes it as easy as possible for potential clients and partners to access the information they need.

On some of the cutting-edge technology that made all this possible, the project’s lead developer, Jake, said:

“Leveraging the speed and efficiency of Next.js, a React framework, we’ve crafted a seamless user experience. Adopting a headless CMS approach with WordPress enhances both speed and security, effectively decoupling the front and back end of our site.

“Additionally, we’ve incorporated the capabilities of GSAP. This allows us to make use of the brilliant work of our animators to breathe life into the website, creating a dynamic user experience that sets it apart from competitors.”

Amplifying Open Media’s voice

Central to any brand is its tone of voice. How a brand looks and how a brand feels means very little if these things don’t align with what a brand says. This starts with the development of a tone of voice guide that becomes the point of reference for all new copy. This ensures that anyone who writes anything that represents Open Media, whether it’s blogs or social posts, sounds like Open Media.

“The most important thing in developing Open Media’s tone of voice was ensuring it was clear and consistent while remaining flexible and dynamic,” reflects Senior Copywriter, Belinda, “A brand might sound different on social media than they do in email, but the essence of their personality should permeate through everything.”

This is just the beginning

This rebrand is the culmination of many months of work, but it’s just the beginning. The tools are in place, and now it’s time to use them. With a fresh identity and a clear vision, Open Media are now poised to explore new horizons, expand their reach even further, and elevate their brand to new heights.

You can check out Open Media’s new website and brand, here.

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