Anthropy23: A Glimpse into the Future of Work and Leadership

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Recently, our Strategy Director, Matty Balnaves, CEO Paul Corcoran and Partnerships Director Zoe Wallace, had the privilege of attending Anthropy23, an event that left them inspired and renewed in purpose. In a world marked by constant change, Anthropy23 stood out as a beacon of hope, emphasising the pivotal role of empowering young people in shaping our collective future.

For Matty, this experience was more than a glimpse into the future; it was a reaffirmation of the vital human element in business and its unparalleled potential to drive meaningful change. As we navigate the complexities of the modern era, the lessons learned at Anthropy23 resonate strongly: the future of business lies not just in adapting to change but in actively influencing it through inspiring leadership and a commitment to the inherent value of every individual.

“Anthropy23 wasn’t your typical conference; it was a glimpse into the evolving landscape of work and leadership. It gave me a renewed sense of purpose. In a world that’s constantly changing, Anthropy23 stood out as a source of hope, emphasising the crucial role of empowering young people in shaping our future together.”

The discussions dove into key themes such as AI (with a focus on responsible use), sustainability, and the crucial role of culture and creative sectors. More importantly, the event highlighted how ethical, forward-thinking businesses can collaborate to shape the future of the country.

The event reinforced the importance of youth empowerment in navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. It’s not just about preparing them for the future; it’s about actively involving them in co-creating that future today. Something we at Agent and Agent Academy are passionate about. And refreshingly, Anthropy23 wasn’t just a talking shop; it was a crucible of ideas where people with a real vision were trying to sculpt the possibilities of tomorrow.

The event, deeply rooted in a future-focused perspective, delved into the state of our digital future on the first day, with a particular emphasis on education and youth. A dynamic dialogue emerged from a diverse group of speakers, including a former contestant from The Apprentice sharing insights on AI transformation, and Ben Fletcher, CFO of Very Group, delving into the human side of business.

The discussions circled around a visionary outlook for Britain, blending philosophy, business, and leadership. The overarching theme centred on the responsibility of businesses in the world, with Ben Fletcher highlighting the transformative power of aligning core business activities with solving societal problems. The idea that responsible business is inherently better business resonated deeply, emphasising the profound impact of doing the right thing.

Matty Said:

“I had the privilege to sit as an expert on the panel discussing ‘The Creative Industries role in the future of Britain’ alongside visionary sector leaders. Our discussion reinforced the vital role that creative industries play in the future of our country, and the importance of developing new talented designers, artists, musicians, and creatives from a diverse range of backgrounds.”

The takeaway is simple but profound: business leaders have the ability and opportunity to create a future that embraces technology and harnesses talent from all backgrounds, whilst protecting our most important asset, our planet. Collaboration amplifies our ability to be responsible in our own right; a powerful and motivating conclusion that underscores the importance of creating allies and future leaders who empower each other.

All this, of course, is something that resonates deeply with Agent’s motto of “Making Good Work,” reaffirming our own commitment to responsible, impactful, and collaborative initiatives that help shape a positive future.

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